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What is a “managing agent”?

The managing agent is a company that is hired by the Board of Directors. The managing agent tends to the day-to-day operation of the Association and implements the policies and decisions, as determined by the Board of Directors. The Board is allowed to delegate tasks, but not responsibility, to the managing agent. The management agent generally does not have the authority to enter into contracts or make decisions on behalf of the association or board.

Why do I need to comply with the deed restrictions?

When you purchase a home in a deed-restricted community you automatically agree to comply with the restrictions then in place or that are properly established. This ensures the integrity of the community. The restrictions are for your protection and for the protection of your neighbors. Failure to comply brings a responsibility to the Board of Directors to bring about any action legally necessary to force compliance. For example, the change in appearance that you want to make, in violation of the covenants, may be one reason your neighbor bought a home in this community–so they would not have to look at that 10′ fence or purple door or 4-car garage.

Why do I have to get permission for home improvement?

To better ensure that your intended improvement meets your community’s standards as set forth in the Governing Documents and avoids the problems that arise from the construction of improvements and the use of colors or styles that conflict with others in your neighborhood. The Board of Directors has the power and the responsibility to force you to undo any improvement you make that do not comply with the Governing Documents, so the application process is your protection against future action against you. Once approved, the change is permitted and that approval applies to you and any future owner of the home.

What is the “common area or element”?

It is the land for the use and enjoyment of the members of the Association. This includes facilities like pools and playgrounds in single-family communities and hallways, parking lots, exercise facilities, and building structures in condominium communities. Common areas are owned by all in an undivided interest. For this reason, maintenance responsibility falls proportionately on all owners who have that undivided interest in common areas.

How to obtain Master Insurance?

Email info@csicommunities.com and provide the community name or property address.

How do I change my contact information?

You can update the majority of your contact information in the portal, or you can email info@csicommunities.com.

Please note, to change the name on your account it needs to be changed on the deed prior to submitting the request to CSI.

Who do I contact with maintenance concerns?

You can log in to your portal and send your maintenance concern or you can submit a maintenance request here.

How do I contact my Community Manager?

You can use the CSI dial by name directory. If you do not know who your Community Manager is, press 1 to be transferred to a staff member who can help you, or you can contact your community manager on our Requests & Inquiries page.

I just purchased a property, what do I do next?

It takes approximately two weeks for CSI to receive closing documents from the closing attorney. Once we receive the documents we move the previous homeowner out of our system and create an account for the new owner. 

You will then receive a Welcome Packet in the mail. Or you can click here to view the information online. If it has been more than 3 weeks and you have not received a Welcome Packet please email info@CSICommunities.com so we can help you.

Can my Community Manager approve my ARC?

No, your Community Manager checks your submission and then sends to your Board for approval.

Why did CSI Community Management raise my dues this year?

CSI helps your Board create a yearly Budget. Your Board of Directors votes to approve any increase in your dues not CSI.

How do I make a payment?

The most efficient way to make a payment is through the portal. If you are having difficulties accessing your account, email info@CSICommunities.com.

We also send paper statements with coupons if you’d prefer to mail your payment. Please always factors in mailing time – late fees will be charged if your payment is not received on time.

When Mailing Payments or setting up online bill pay please use the address:

Community Name, C/O CSI Properties, P.O. BOX 620131, Orlando, FL 32862-0131

Be sure to include your account number in the memo line of all payments.