board maintenance

Whether something has gone wrong or you just need help maintaining your properties, CSI has in-house experts that can save you time and money.

Guess what? Maintenance-related issues do not have to be time-consuming and complicated.

We like to make things simple and effective, and are big fans of developing innovative solutions to prevent problems before they even start.

Our Maintenance Division includes a Director of Maintenance and dedicated Work Order Coordinators who can help you write a scope of work, so your vendors can bid on it.

When a job requires an outside vendor, rest assured that our contracted partners provide timely, quality, cost-effective work. And, you can also get quotes from our vetted 1099 vendors. We use VIVE, you can learn more here, but essentially, VIVE takes away the worry and monitors all of your vendor insurance related details. 

In addition to confirming your vendors meet the minimum insurance requirements and have current trade licenses, VIVE also conducts a review of the company’s status with the state and the Government Watch Lists.

Remember with your Board portal you can easily access work orders, review contractor’s procedures and much more.

Additional Services we offer

  • Clubhouse Clean-up (everything from power washing the exterior to equipment wipe downs)
  • Community-wide cleaning (solutions including dumpsters for bulk items and leaf-blowing stairwells)
  • Dog-station servicing (including bi-weekly options so there is never any overflow)
  • Light inspection (additional checks to ensure your community is safe and shining bright)