Your Community Manager Lives Here Too

A day in the life of a Community Manager is varied to say the least. Acting as a liaison between Board members and residents, being a resource for non-compliance, working with the Town to secure updates that effect your community, and facilitating meetings and building agendas are just a few things that may fill a Community Manager’s day.

Your interaction with a Community Manager will depend on whether you’re a resident or Board Member.

Board Members and Community Managers

If you’re a Board Member you can think of the Community Manager as your go-to person for all Board business. 

Residents and Community Managers

If you’re a resident, your Community Manager is the liaison between you and the Board. This is a role that is sometimes misunderstood; it’s really important to note that the Community Manager takes their direction from the Board and is not the one who makes decisions, (for example it is the Board that approves ARCs and issues non-compliance letters).

Community Managers help us all

Community Managers assist with the day-to-day business of running your HOA and providing both advice and support to the volunteer Board, and correspond directly with homeowners and neighborhood vendors as necessary. This is where CSI’s locally-based managers really make a difference. They know your community and many of us who work in our Davidson office may also live near your neighborhood.

CSI Community Managers are a group of dedicated, local, caring professionals. They are trained to deal with conflict, but they will not get involved in neighborhood quarrels. However, if HOA rules are violated, the Community Manager is the right person to call.

Not sure who your Community Manager is?

Find out here – simply scroll down to the dropdown menu and select the community where you live and the name of your Community Manager and how to contact them will pop up.