Welcome to the CSI Family

CSI Communities thrive because of great volunteers.

Whether you’re considering becoming a Board member or need ongoing support, CSI has many offerings to ensure your Board and community is operating at an exceptional level.

Our resources include regularly scheduled Board 101 meetings that keep you up-to-date on all of the latest happenings within the industry and is also a great networking opportunity.

Board Portal Access

As a Board Member, CSI’s convenient portal provides real-time information including:

Financial Reports

Board members have access to real-time financial reports, compliance logs, architectural logs, and resident contact reports. If CSI updates an account, adds or closes a compliance violation, or makes any changes to a resident email, address or phone number, Board members have instantaneous access to this information.

Architectural Reports 

Access to view the status of any architectural requests that have been submitted by owners.

Compliance Reports

Allows Board members to monitor the status of community violations.


Think of the Community Manager as your go to person for all Board and Association business. 

Taking their direction from the Board, the Community Manager is also the liaison between the Board and community members. 

They assist with the day-to-day business by providing both advice and support and corresponding directly with homeowners, vendors and contractors as necessary.

A Community Manager is trained to deal with conflict, but they will not get involved in neighborhood quarrels. However, if association rules are violated, the Community Manager is the right person to call.

Contact my Community Manager


Your community Association is governed primarily by the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, and the Declaration. Quickly, these documents do the following:


  • Articles of Incorporation establish your community into existence
  • Bylaws are formally adopted governing regulations for the administration and management of a community association
  • Declaration establishes protective standards, restrictions and obligations. Your Declaration is the standard upon which your community rules and regulations are derived and also from where compliance violations can be found.
  • Board reports containing community information are emailed to Board members on the first of every month; community reports containing community financial information from the previous month are emailed to the Board the second week of each month.