Annual Meetings – They’re Worth Your Time

Most of us do not have time for another meeting, but your upcoming HOA annual meeting is worth attending if you can make it.

While your HOA Board meets monthly, at this time of year things like new Board members and budgets are being approved and often need a quorum to do so (meaning that if not enough people show up your Board may not be able to move forward with some improvement or initiatives for your neighborhood).

Remember that your Board is made up of your fellow residents who volunteer their time. CSI is here to support and guide the Board. If you’re looking to give back, give feedback, or want to get involved to make a change now your community’s annual meeting is the time to do it.

Did you know?

A community’s bylaws dictate specifically what month or even what day the meeting is to be held: bylaws also usually include a section titled “Notice of Meetings,” which will detail when and how shareholders and unit owners must be informed of an upcoming annual meeting. Some annual meetings also have a time limit that they legally have to adhere too.

Finances and More

The Board will send in advance of the meeting to each owner/ resident a financial summary for the year. And, if it’s ready a proposed agenda for the meeting.

As a homeowner be prepared with questions – this is your opportunity to learn more about the Board’s business including finances and planned projects.

The meeting might also include voting opportunities to elect new Board members or other changes all of which can have a big impact on your home and the neighborhood.

When is my annual meeting?

If you have not yet received a notification from your Board – you can:

Check the community calendar in your AppFolio portal

Email your Board Members Or contact your Community Manager here.