CSI is now Powered by Sentry Management

CSI is becoming part of Sentry Management, a community management company that has been putting the best interests of communities first since 1975.

Let’s get straight to the point

You will not see any immediate changes.

Our staff will not change.

Our office location will not change.

You will still receive information that is CSI branded but also start to see Sentry documents.

So, what will change?

Building a sense of community and partnering with local communities is at the heart of what we do; we are passionate about the fact that a well-run HOA and fully-supported Board can and does make a real difference in people’s lives.

Why Sentry Management?

They’re a family-owned business, and while the company has grown over the years, they continue to pride themselves on fostering a family environment and are invested in supporting our vibrant CSI communities.

By partnering with Sentry Management, CSI will be able to provide more resources for the Boards we serve.  We will gain access to proven nationwide best practices and solutions, and increased employee benefits for our team – especially our Community Managers.

Sentry has established innovative services, transparent processes, and some of the most advanced software applications in the industry – and CSI is honored to bring that to the Charlotte community.

Our transition to become Sentry Management will be strategic and thoughtful: throughout the year you will start to see some branding changes, with the intent to be operating 100% under Sentry Management’s umbrella in 2025.

You can still call us locals

Our local team will still answer when you call. We will still be there for you at your Board Meetings. We will still be there for residents. From dogs barking and early morning leaf blowing, to pool passes and payments, we are still here to help!