What is an ARC Form and Why Do I Need One

Why do I need an ARC Form?

The ARC is a committee on your Board that reviews your home improvement requests. Why is required? In an effort to provide and protect each individual’s homeowner rights and property value, it is required that any homeowner considering improvements which are visible from other homes, submit an ARC Request Form.

How do you submit AN ARC Form and Where is it?

Submitting is quick and painless. We promise. Just click this link to jump over to the page with the online form.

Make Sure You Have Your ARC Attachments

Take a second to gather your files before you start filling in the form. Depending on your project, the most common items required when submitting a request:

  • Photo samples of what the completion will look like,
  • Permits if applicable,
  • Plot map/ survey plat,
  • Colors,
  • Contractor information

Please note: Some communities charge a fee to submit the form which needs to be mailed to:

CSI Communities, 575 Davidson Gateway Dr #200, Davidson, NC 28036.

What CSI does and doesn’t do when it comes to ARC requests

You can submit related questions specifically about your ARC to: ARCrequest@CSIcommunities.com 

BUT, the fastest way to track the progress is through your portal. If you haven’t activated your account yet, you can do so here.

CSI cannot approve your ARC request. We are the community management company that supports your HOA by facilitating the application process. Plan on at least 30 days for your request to be reviewed.

Still have questions? Check out our most FAQs here or email info@CSIcommunities.com