Are You Ready To Dive In?

Can You Get In?

Spring has sprung and for many of you your pool may have already opened.

Floaties, noodles, goggles… all important. But your most important poolside accessory is access. Make sure you have your FOB, key, or card ready to go.

If you do have your access card ready, it’s a good idea to pop down to the pool and make sure it works.

Just like a hotel key some FOBs and cards can be deactivated by other electronics. Nothing is worse than being lathered-up and ready for a day at the pool… and you can’t get in.

Dues Up-to-date?

Another reason your key may not work is if your HOA dues have not been paid. Remember it can take up to 48 hours for a payment to process – so take a second now and log into the portal (link) to make sure you’re all caught up.

If you need a key you can request one here or email

New to the Neighborhood?

If you’re a new resident and haven’t received pool access, please remember it can take up to three weeks for us to receive your closing information. We are super speedy at turning around your information once we are made aware of your move.

Keep It Fun For Everyone

Pool COVID-related rules are evolving over time. So please be kind to your neighbors and make sure you’re aware of your pool’s instructions.

And, don’t forget about the standard rules. No glass ever at the pool. If glass breaks, the pool needs to be shut down and drained. It’s expensive, and can take days. If you have little ones, they must be potty-trained or wear a swim diaper, and keep an eye on them. Things can change in the blink of an eye and the majority of our pools do not have a lifeguard on duty.