Plumbing Tips For Condo Buildings

Clogged pipes are never fun. And, we understand that living in a condo building with shared piping can be frustrating when an issue arises. 

We asked our master plumbers to provide some tips on how to help prevent clogs and leaks and best practices to keep the liquids flowing.

Good things to try

Fill the sink with hot water mixed with a degreaser detergent (most detergents have a grease-cutting formula, some just have more ingredients than others). Let it drain, and try to do this approximately once per week.

Be conscious of your toilet paper use. Just like sitting down to an empty toilet roll can be terrifying, so too is rising toilet water. How much and what type of toilet paper you use impacts the flow of the entire building. Some toilet papers are also considered more flushable than others. Don’t flush wipes. Ever.

Your garbage disposal isn’t magic

It’s a pipe, not a magical well to nowhere… do not put the following down the garbage disposal: coffee grounds, egg shells, rice, pasta, or potato peels. These are better off being tossed in the trash or compost when you can.

Things that don’t work out well in building pipes: Wipes, feminine products, grease, fibrous products.

What to do if you see a leak or suspect a clog

Contact CSI.

Call us or email us and we will have someone out quickly. Yes, we really will.

Don’t use store bought drain cleaners: they often do more harm than good and in the long run make it dangerous for a plumber to snake the line when there is a backup.

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