Our New AppFolio Portal is Here

Maybe you’ve already logged into the new portal and are loving it as much as we are but if you haven’t had a chance to yet read on for a quick overview on best ways to update the way you pay and more:

You’re good if

If you mail a check – or have a check mailed directly from your online banking, there are no changes.

The mailing address for checks has not changed.

If you had previously set-up auto-pay with Alliance Association Bank you also do not need to make any changes.

Quick update needed if

If you use Paylease (Zego) you will need to cancel that recurring payment and sign-up in AppFolio or Alliance Association Bank.

Don’t worry – it’s super quick and easy.

Just click here to get started.

Still have some questions

See if it’s answered here or send an email to accounting@CSIcommunites.com with your name and property address, and we can help you out.  Ready to get started? Click here.