Maintenance Matters

Did you know we have our own CSI Maintenance Division?

Why does that matter?

Because when something isn’t working you want it fixed fast, by people you know, at a reasonable price.

Our Director of Maintenance is Brian Grandelli, we also have two dedicated Work Order Coordinators, and a General Contractor who equal more than 20 years of combined experience.

More Than Spackle 

With our Boards in mind, we have recently added additional services that we know you need, but do not have time to shop around and price out.

Clubhouse Cleaning – whether you’re ready to schedule a spruce-up for spring, or need year-round equipment cleaning, we can help you with that.

Community-wide Cleaning – say no thank you to overflowing dumpsters and leaf-strewn stairwells.

Dog Station Servicing – if things are turning into a real poop show over which dog did what where, we can help you bag up the situation by regularly servicing the stations. 

Light Inspection – shine a light on safety and community ambiance; additional lighting checks can help prevent issues before they have a chance to burnout any good neighborhood vibes.

Winter Warriors – you stay safe and warm while our team brings the heat with ice melt and snow removal. 

Call for an estimate and receive a transparent, no-messing-around-hourly fee.

Save the Day… Talk, Track, Fix, Pay

Keeping residents happy and your community a place that people enjoy living in does not have to be complicated.

We respond to maintenance requests and have a work order in the queue within 24 business hours. We also offer a 24-hour phone line for emergencies.

Boards and the homeowner (if applicable) can track the progress of a work order and easily pay through the portal when the job is complete.

Ready to make things easy? Email