Maintenance Division of CSI – New Name, Better Pricing

We’ve always managed work orders in-house, but the name ‘Metro Maintenance’ created unnecessary confusion for our Boards.

We also brought on Brian Grandelli to lead the division. With more than 30 years of customer service and construction industry experience, Brian joins the team with Brandy Smith, and Bobby Bennett.

You can find out more about the team, access work orders, and review contractor’s procedures in your Board portal.

And remember, as part of our extraordinary attention to detail and love of efficiency, your community has a dedicated Work Order Coordinator.

Why? This ensures that there is a central point of contact for all your maintenance needs which increases familiarity and effectiveness.

What do you need to know? Who your Community Manager is, determines who you email.

If your Community Manager is:

Danielle Bronstein, Steve Gallaher, Kathleen Hagan, or Paige Johnson

Contact Brandy Smith:

If your Community Manager is:

Andre Barrett, Shonda McCray, Alicia Velasquez, Beth Wilkins, or Ivan Rodriguez

Contact Bobby Bennet:

Brian Grandelli, Director of Maintenance, continues to be your point of contact for all RFPs.

General Contractor on Staff + More in-house Services

We also have a general contractor on the team, which means our GC can help you write scopes of work, so your vendors can bid on it. We know right, it’s a big deal!

When a job requires an outside vendor, rest assured that our contracted partners provide timely, quality, cost-effective work. And, you can also get quotes from our vetted 1099 vendors.

We also offer other services to make it even easier for you to be a great Board including club-house cleaning, dog station servicing, and light inspections.

How can we help you today?