How a HOA Board Can be Successful with an ARC Process

CSI now has a dedicated ARC Coordinator

Yes, that’s right! Take a moment and do a happy dance. What does this mean for your Board? Things just got a lot easier.

When we say CSI is different from other property management companies, we mean it. We are constantly evaluating ways to do and make things better and adding a dedicated ARC Coordinator is one of them.

We recognized that we could effectively streamline the ARC request process, while also increasing the availability of your Community Manager to help you more with other initiatives.

How does an ARC Coordinator help my Board?

The ARC Coordinator receives and reviews all ARC forms and makes sure they have all of the supporting documentation before it reaches your Board.

When the ARC Committee or Board makes a decision, you simply let your ARC Coordinator know the decision including reasons for denial or any conditions required to move forward with an approved project.

You can track the real-time progress of the request in your Board portal. Likewise, homeowners can see updates in their portal.

Turnaround time is everyone’s friend

One of the best things you can do whether you deny, approve or approve and ARC request with conditions is turn the requests around as quickly as possible.

30 days is a standard amount of time to review a request form.